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The 4 Business Mindsets

They always say: "Think out of the box!"
We prefer to ask: "What box should we use?"

There are 4 key mindsets of business value. Each imposes its own box, constraining thinking in its own ways.
However, each is critical to achieving real value. Unless all 4 are consciously recognised and used appropriately, people with capabilities in different quadrants will misunderstand and undervalue one another ... just as if they were speaking different languages.

Each mindset brings its own toolbox, and the Idea2Value process must use them all to differing degrees, at different stages.

The 4 Wattbox Business Mindsets

Without integrating all 4 mindsets, you will not achieve true value.


"Where could we go?"

From initial creativity to concept formulation - imagining the possibilities


"Where should we go?"

Resource allocation based on assessment & selection - value-based decision-making


"How do we get there? Are we there yet?"

Delivery of integrated projects to achieve the 'to be' - building the vision


"How do we make this work for us now we're here?"

Management & optimisation of day-2-day activities - achieving the outcome